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Detective Hodgins Book 4 released

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but book 4 finally made it out into the world. The Kindle version was released in January and the paperback followed in February. You can check out my Amazon author page for a full list of all the books, both in the Hodgins series, and the funny paranormal D.E.M.ON. Tales series.

Oh, I guess you’d like to know the title. Homicide on the Homestead. An elderly farmer has been found murdered in his barn and several people pop up as good suspects. With the help of his squad of constables, Hodgins has to sort through all the lies to undcover the truth.

Next on the list, United in Holy Deadlock.

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National Novel Writing Month a.k.a. NaNoWriMo

Well, it’s that time of year again. I generally participate, but only in the mini-NaNo that the writing group I belong to runs. Instead of 50k words written in November, we pick our own word count. This year I’ve scaled down and am only going for 8k. I’m working on book 5 in my Detective Hodgins series. So far I’m sitting at about 2500 words. Don’t write every day. The plan was Fri to Sun, but that hasn’t worked out exactly as expected.

I’ve been distracted by finishing up the long over-due book 3 in the D.E.M.ON. Tales series. At least it will finally be released on Friday the 13th. This series is a tongue-in-cheek look at demons, criptids and mythological beasties. E-book only, but every two books will be put to print in a flip-book. Next one is schedule to be released early next year.

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Time Flies

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since October!


So, what’s new? Unfortunately not a lot. Book 2 of D.E.M.ON. Tales, Bobcat Got Your Tongue, written by my co-author M.J. Moores, has been released. Book 3 seems to have stalled thanks to COVID-19. OK, maybe not completely the fault of the virus. My writing routine is to go to a local coffee shop (Cardinal Press Espresso Bar) and spend a few hours in the back writing. They had to close up, as did so many other businesses. They now have a take-out window, but it’s not the same.  Too many distractions at home to make myself write. That’s my fault I suppose. I did manage to get a little done recently, but I need to do more. And SOON. It was supposed to be released at the end of April. Book 4 was to be released end of July. I know that’s already in the works.

Regular job hasn’t changed much. Still working 3 days a week, only difference is I work from home and only go in about once a week to deal with deposits. And my days working float around somewhat. Since I moved my internet connection is much better and it no longer takes up to 5 minutes to open an Excel spreadsheet full of coding.

I think I can safety add my move to my writing procrastination. I moved Jun 8, but I’m continuing to move stuff out of the old place, which still hasn’t sold. Maybe this weekend I can  put pen to paper again? Fingers crossed.


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Cover Reveal today

Today is the day to reveal the cover for a novella series I’m writing with a friend. The series is called D.E.M.ON. Tales. It’s a series of 28 e-books, A to Z plus 13 and 666. I’m writing the first book, Assassin Eco-Corpses, and MJ Moores will be doing the next one, then me, then her, etc. We’ll each have input into all stories.

Despite the name, D.E.M.ON. Tales is not horror, more an urban fantasy, tongue-in-cheek series. Think Men in Black meet Supernatural. The setting is Ontario, current time, and the HQ is in the town of Aurora, a little north of Toronto.

Assassin is scheduled to be released at Amazon on October 31. Happy Hallowe’en.  The plan is 4 per year, with a print version of each set of 4.

Blurb, which is currently in edit mode:

Corpses Gone Rogue

The D.E.M.ON. Agency grew complacent with only minor monsters and cryptids poking around over the last year. Charged with the merciless task of protecting Ontario from things that go bump in the night, these agents spent the last hundred years ridding their region of the most bad-ass demons and monsters alive … or was that dead? At least, that was their M.O. until a year ago. Now their duct cleaning front morphed into more of a full-time gig. But, when the silent alarm blinks to life in the middle of another lazy morning all hell breaks loose.

And the cover is … drum roll please.



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My first time attending WOW

This past Saturday I was invited to be part of the Crime Writers’ of Canada panel at the Orangeville Library. The library runs an annual event called Words the Orangeville Way (WOW). I only knew a few of the other panelists so I met some new friends. The event was well attended and everyone was uber-friendly.

Thanks for sending the photo  Judy. Perfect timing with my name on the screen. LOL

L to R, Judy Penz Sheluk, Anita Arvast, Maggie Petru, Rosemary McCracken, me, Diane Bator

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I’m still here

Wow. I didn’t realize it’d been so long since I last posted. I’ve been a little busy.

I’ve started a new series of novellas, co-writing with author MJ Moores.  It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at demons and cryptids. At the moment I’m editing the first book and the plan is to have it ready for Hallowe’en.  These will be e-books, with every 4 put together in print:  total stories –>  28.

Also on the go is Generation Witch: Rebirth. The edits are about 1/2 way done and that also needs to be ready for my editor by fall.

This weekend I’m at Ad-Astra with MJ and three other authors. I’ll try to get some pics as there will be a lot of people in costume, and they re amazing.

Ta-ta for now 🙂

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10,000 Steps a Day

For the past couple of years I’ve been like many people – wearing a fitbit (or something similar). I don’t always get in 10k steps, most days barely get 5k.  I found out something interesting today while watching a BBC program I recorded.

Seems there is NO scientific reason for this number. Nothing at all. No studies, no tests. Apparently, it was invented by a Japanese company that produced a pedometer called the manpo-kei – or 10,000-step meter – at the time of the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo.

Mind Blown! Once the fitbit dies, I think I’ll go back to one of my many watches.


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Nano 2018 update


OK, changed my mind. Instead of doing several short stories, I’m going for book 4 in my Detective Hodgins Series. As usual, I’m starting with nothing more than a few notes. This series has two ‘things’ that are consistent:  (1) each story is very loosely based on articles I find in the old newspapers – pre-1920, usually pre-1900, (2) he has to go somewhere in York Region during the investigation.

I found several stories and may actually pull in stuff from a few instead of just the one. cropped-hodgins-badgeHaven’t figured out where in York he’s going yet. Book 1 took him to Stouffville, Book 2 he visited Woodbridge (and Kingston), Book 3 Hodgins came to my home town of Aurora, with a side trip to Berlin (now Kitchener). I’ll have to take a gander at the old rail line and see where it went in 1875. Still have a few days for research.

Even though I’m making my 3rd attempt at this, I’ll also be participating in the Writers’ Community of York Region‘s Mini Nano. We set our own goals, minimum word count a measly 1,000. I’ve logging in for 12k. That much I know I can do. Since I work 3 days a week, that leaves 4-day weekends to write at Cardinal Press Espresso Bar in Newmarket.

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Seance, Real or Fake?

Last night I attended a seance at Black Creek Pioneer Village at the north end of Toronto.


While doing a walk-through, a couple of people saw a small musical carousel move and play, and several people heard it, but didn’t see it. I heard and saw nothing.

Not much happened until the Ouija board came out in the basement.  As soon as he (Jaymes White) placed it on the table, minor stuff started. As questions were asked, the planchett (the little push paddle) never moved, but …


I think the first major thing was the sound of a bouncing ping pong ball. The sound came from the far corner where no one was. With a little searching, it was found, apparently still moving. Other bangs were heard. I was looking into the brewery section and heard what sounded like a chair moving across a wood floor. Very loud and distinct. No one was in that room.

At one point, one of the ladies said her and her mother had to leave because her mother was freaked out. After he escorted them up and out, a shelf on a small case crashed down. The closest person was about 2-3 feet away.  When he came back down, he pulled it away from the wall to see if anything was behind it. Nothing. The shelf was put back and I picked up the candle holder that ended up on the floor. Then it was time for the seance.

He tried to contact the son first. A few small sounds here and there, then he asked for the father. Major noise. During the seance, we heard the carousel, only three or four notes, but we heard it. Several notes played on one of the pianos, the low notes. Something was thrown, hard, to the floor. And something EXTREMELY loud crashed behind a bar.

When the lights were turned on at the end, a very old ball, about the size of a tennis ball was found. We could find nothing that caused the crashing sound.

Was this all set up? Was it real? The building is a museum so I don’t know how much permission would have been given to rig things, especially to cause a shelf to drop, potentially damaging one of the items. Real or Fake, this was a totally cool and freaky experience. I’d definitely recommend it to others and would go on it again.


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NaNoWriMo 2018

I’ve decided to attempt NaNo again. I’ve tried twice and didn’t make it to 50,000 in November. This time I’m going to attempt a collection of short stories. If I can do 1 story of 12,000 each week, with a sprint on the last day I should make it with a total of 5 stories.



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