Nanci M. Pattenden is a genealogist and a fiction writer, with non-fiction articles in Indyfest, The Attic, Ancestors, and Site Lines. She is currently working on a collection of detective stories set in Victorian Toronto, a New Adult novel, as well as a novel based on an 1891 murder involving a young relative.

Body in the Harbour is the first book in the Detective Hodgins series, published Nov 2014 by Murder Does Pay, Ink. Book two, Death on Duchess Street, was published in 2015 and Book Three, Corpses for Christmas hit the shelves in 2018.

Nanci lives in Southern Ontario and has completed two Creative Writing programs; the first at the University of Calgary and the second at the University of Toronto. She regularly goes to writing conferences and workshops and will continue to take as many writing course as she can squeeze in.



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