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Seance, Real or Fake?

Last night I attended a seance at Black Creek Pioneer Village at the north end of Toronto.


While doing a walk-through, a couple of people saw a small musical carousel move and play, and several people heard it, but didn’t see it. I heard and saw nothing.

Not much happened until the Ouija board came out in the basement.  As soon as he (Jaymes White) placed it on the table, minor stuff started. As questions were asked, the planchett (the little push paddle) never moved, but …


I think the first major thing was the sound of a bouncing ping pong ball. The sound came from the far corner where no one was. With a little searching, it was found, apparently still moving. Other bangs were heard. I was looking into the brewery section and heard what sounded like a chair moving across a wood floor. Very loud and distinct. No one was in that room.

At one point, one of the ladies said her and her mother had to leave because her mother was freaked out. After he escorted them up and out, a shelf on a small case crashed down. The closest person was about 2-3 feet away.  When he came back down, he pulled it away from the wall to see if anything was behind it. Nothing. The shelf was put back and I picked up the candle holder that ended up on the floor. Then it was time for the seance.

He tried to contact the son first. A few small sounds here and there, then he asked for the father. Major noise. During the seance, we heard the carousel, only three or four notes, but we heard it. Several notes played on one of the pianos, the low notes. Something was thrown, hard, to the floor. And something EXTREMELY loud crashed behind a bar.

When the lights were turned on at the end, a very old ball, about the size of a tennis ball was found. We could find nothing that caused the crashing sound.

Was this all set up? Was it real? The building is a museum so I don’t know how much permission would have been given to rig things, especially to cause a shelf to drop, potentially damaging one of the items. Real or Fake, this was a totally cool and freaky experience. I’d definitely recommend it to others and would go on it again.


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