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Another long weekend coming up. A lot of people refer to it as the 2-4 weekend. Beer, beer, and more beer. I don’t drink beer, so I guess I have to do ‘stuff’ instead.


Since I’m currently taking 3 online courses for another writing certificate, I guess some of my ‘stuff’ will be homework. However, that homework is doubling as two of my next novellas/novels. Killing two birds with one stone. At least wounding them anyway.  I’ve printed out some blank daily calendars from Outlook and will be pencilling in what I need to do. Hopefully each day will start with a 1-1/2 to 2 hour walk, weather depending.


Also have housework to do, need to give the lawn it’s first haircut, and gardening – in my case weeding (and weeding and weeding and weeding).


I need to keep the TV turned off, or at least tuned to either the Weather Network, or a radio station. I can’t write if it’s not on. Mornings will be outside stuff, afternoons inside stuff. Don’t like the heat and sun and my yard is mostly sun. It’s not bad under the crab apple tree, but it still gets hot in the afternoon. I can head back out maybe around 7pm or so and do more weeding. With any luck I can also get some planting in too.



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