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Generation Witch

I’ve started a new novel, this time it’s a New Adult book, not a Victorian murder mystery. I’m almost 1/2 way through the first draft, and plan to have it released before Christmas. In five months I’ll be going part-time, easing my way into retirement, so I should have plenty of time to work on it. Depending on how things go work-wise, I might end up with more time on my hands then I planned. Still don’t know if I can do part-time where I currently work, so I could find myself job hunting – but there are plenty of part-time and contract jobs posted.

Anywho, GW is about a young woman just about to turn twenty-one and her initiation into the family coven. She’s been ignoring her family tradition because she was treated like a freak in school. Wanting to be ‘normal’ she doesn’t bother with the lessons her mother and grandmother try to teach her. Marcy is content to deal only with her crystals and gemstones, and dabble in the herbal medicines that her Granny did. Past tense. Granny passed away recently and Marcy’s mother died years earlier. She moved into Granny’s house only to discover here are Gnomes living there. In a panic about what to do for her initiation, she flies to England to get help from her Great Aunt. Crash course and she’s back home with her cousin. Unfortunately, she finds out that someone is trying to kill her – by invading her mind.

Marcy has to scramble to learn enough magic to stave off her magical killer. Can she learn enough before it’s too late?


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