We had a fire alarm go off at work today and no-one moved. Probably due to the fact that they’ve been testing the alarms for the past few days. We all thought it was more testing. After several minutes my manager went to find someone to see about it, and came back rather quickly telling us we had to leave the building.

I’ve worked here for eleven years and this is the first time we were outside for more than about five minutes. Was well over a half hour. No idea what happened, but there is roof work going on. I kept thinking about the fire in Aurora that burned the United Church to the ground April 11, 2014. It was people working on the roof that sparked that fire.

Luckily nothing like that happened today. Don’t know if we’ll ever find out why the alarm went off and why we were outside for so long. Good thing today was an unusually warm day.

horse fire

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  1. Good thing nothing happened, Nanci. I remember the church fire. It was horrible especially due to the age of the church. A landmark that is no more. 😦

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