NaNoWriMo Round Two

Once again I broke down and signed up for NaNo. I jumped in just a few days before it started last year, and this year I decided the day after it started. Last year I got about ½ way through two short stories. Total work count was only 31,602, almost 20k short of the goal. More than I thought though.

This time I’m going to concentrate on one story. The working title is The Door. I started it for an assignment in a course I’m taking. Spotted a picture and it interested me enough to write about it.

This is not the norm for me. It’s contemporary, not Victorian, and doesn’t involve a murder. It’s more geared towards the occult. It’s also written in first person. Something I’m not really comfortable with, but it seems to be working.

With no advance preparation, how far will I get this time?



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