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Historical Novel Society

Today I joined the Historical Novel Society. I’ve been thinking about it for a few years now. Not sure why, but today was the day. They don’t have a branch anywhere in Canada, just United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australasia. Maybe one day.

You don’t even have to be a writer to join. They love members that just plain love to read. Members can contribute writing to features and reviews. They have awards too, and a magazine. Oh, and you can be listed in their directory.

Looking forward participating with the members of the HNS.



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We had a fire alarm go off at work today and no-one moved. Probably due to the fact that they’ve been testing the alarms for the past few days. We all thought it was more testing. After several minutes my manager went to find someone to see about it, and came back rather quickly telling us we had to leave the building.

I’ve worked here for eleven years and this is the first time we were outside for more than about five minutes. Was well over a half hour. No idea what happened, but there is roof work going on. I kept thinking about the fire in Aurora that burned the United Church to the ground April 11, 2014. It was people working on the roof that sparked that fire.

Luckily nothing like that happened today. Don’t know if we’ll ever find out why the alarm went off and why we were outside for so long. Good thing today was an unusually warm day.

horse fire

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NaNoWriMo Round Two

Once again I broke down and signed up for NaNo. I jumped in just a few days before it started last year, and this year I decided the day after it started. Last year I got about ½ way through two short stories. Total work count was only 31,602, almost 20k short of the goal. More than I thought though.

This time I’m going to concentrate on one story. The working title is The Door. I started it for an assignment in a course I’m taking. Spotted a picture and it interested me enough to write about it.

This is not the norm for me. It’s contemporary, not Victorian, and doesn’t involve a murder. It’s more geared towards the occult. It’s also written in first person. Something I’m not really comfortable with, but it seems to be working.

With no advance preparation, how far will I get this time?


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