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Writing And Selling Your Mystery Novel

Almost finished reading Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel, by Hallie Ephron. Wonderful resource regardless of the genre you write in. Yes, some chapters are mostly for mysteries, but a very large portion of the book is general. There are chapters on POV, story line, editing, planning, revising, and selling. Each chapter starts with a quote from a famous author and there are lots of examples pulled from works of fiction.

She talks about how to end one chapter and start the next. Do you use a cliff hanger or not? She covers that. Hallie also goes over characters, from naming them to analyzing them and how to portray them on paper. Each chapter has exercises you can do or not. Your choice.

At the back is an appendix listing organizations, mystery conferences, contests, guidebooks, and more. This is one of the sections geared for the mystery writer.

Regardless of the genre you prefer to write in, if you are looking for a book with good information and an easy read, check this one out. It’s currently on sale on the Writer’s Digest Shop at


Happy writing.


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Let’s Go Blue Jays, Let’s Go !!!!!!!!

Watching Game 5 between the Jays and the Rangers. Deciding game. Jays up by 3, 8th inning. So much going on in the stadium. It’s sad how some people take the game so seriously.  Fans that are not happy with some of the calls have been throwing beer cans, etc. onto the field. Some of the cans aren’t making it, endangering the fans in the lower levels. Some of those people have very young kids with them.

It’s a game people. No one’s life is in danger, except maybe some of the fans. Leave your stupid, childish actions for someplace where you are not going to harm anyone. Just sit back and enjoy the game. Or jump up and yell and cheer. Just stop throwing objects around.

The beautiful drawing is from, You can see the sketch in progress.

Jay9 copy

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