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Labour Day weekend, emphasis on Labour

Had a fun time on the long Labour Day weekend. Well, except for Friday evening. Got a phone call asking me to help clean a relative’s house as it was closing day. I went over expecting to be cleaning and sweeping, etc. Not quite.

The house was still full of stuff. Sure, all the furniture was gone, but there was stuff everywhere. My one cousin had gone to the new house to sign and get the keys (4 hrs away), leaving the other to finish up. He started I believe around 6:30 am or some such time. My sister went over in the afternoon. I was summoned around 5.

While we were there someone happened to wander over. He not only stayed to help, but called a friend to come over. We finished up about midnight. If those two friends hadn’t come over, we would have been there much longer. Thank you guys for helping.

We were tired and sore. My cousin especially as he has asthma and had heart surgery a few years back.

Lesson learned? Don’t leave everything till the last minute. You should see the garbage piled up waiting for garbage day. Rest assured, it will be distributed among the neighbour’s driveways.



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