A week ago Sunday (the 14th), I participated in Bookfest at one of the Vaughan libraries. It was the second year for Bookfest, the first for me. I set my goal to sell a whopping 1 book.  I sold 2.  Woo Hoo. The first was to a lad about 10 who said he wanted something to read at camp. The second was to the library. One of the ladies came around towards the end looking for copies of the books that were not already in their system.  Hopefully people check it out and talk about it.

Still have to visit some of the libraries a little closer to  home to see if they are interested in purchasing a copy. Since part of the book takes place in Stouffville, I’m hoping that their library will be happy to get a copy. 😀

Couldn’t make my rounds this weekend as I was at the Ontario Archives most of the day on Saturday, but Sunday I did manage to hide at the library for a couple of hours to edit book two.

So much to do and so little time. Oh, I still have to finish the index for the Mount Albert Cemetery transcript.




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4 responses to “Bookfest

  1. I hope you have a best seller on your hands.

  2. Love your attitude, Nanci. And I think that a boy of 10 bought your book is awesome. 🙂

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