University of Toronto, Creative Writing Certificate

Last year I finished up the Creative Writing Certificate online through the University of Calgary.  The instructors were great. Looking at their other writing certificates, I realized that with only three more courses I could also get the Marketing and Public Relations certificate. I’m just working on the last one now.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I discovered on Friday that the University of Toronto also has a Creative Writing Certificate that can mostly be done online.  All, depending on the courses. While I totally enjoyed the U of C program, Toronto seems to have quite a few course options that Calgary doesn’t offer.  I registered for one of the courses, starting in January 2016.  Might actually take one earlier as I’ll be finished the current program in June.

Some of the options I can pick from at Toronto include Comic and Graphic Novels, Dark Fantasy (possibility), Historical Fiction (have to take that one), Mystery and Suspense Writing (another on my list). While Calgary has a Novel course, which I took, Toronto also has an advanced level for the Novel. You can also take screenwriting, or playwriting, as well as writing for TV.

As I said, the instructors at U of C are great, but it looks like U of T has so many more options to pick from. I think I will probably end up taking more than the required courses as there are just too many I’m interested in. They have a freelance program too.

University of Toronto, online Creative Writing

University of Toronto, Freelance Writing

U of T


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