Stuck in the Middle

I’ve been an associate member of Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) for a few years now.  I can’t upgrade to Professional member because I haven’t published a novel (60k words min) and don’t have any short stories published in magazines. Because I’m only associate, I can not post anything in the events calendar. I write novellas so I don’t qualify for anything.

The CWC publishes a list of member’s new books quarterly. Again, you have to be a professional member to be included.

A new award is being tested for the best crime novella (since 2012).  Yeah! Something I can enter. But wait. The novella has be  8-20k. Mine is a hair under 30k.  Too long for a novella, too short for a novel.  I’m stuck in the middle with CWC.

As an associate I can not take advantage of anything on the site. I can’t submit my book for consideration in my classification of novella writer either.  No matter which way you look at it, I’m screwed.

Maybe I won’t bother to renew my membership in 2016. What’s the point?

mad smiley



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3 responses to “Stuck in the Middle

  1. Send them a scathing email and see what they say about “being stuck in the middle” 😉

  2. I’ve emailed my regional director to see if he will put forth a motion to change the bylaws at the next AGM.

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