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Stuck in the Middle

I’ve been an associate member of Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) for a few years now.  I can’t upgrade to Professional member because I haven’t published a novel (60k words min) and don’t have any short stories published in magazines. Because I’m only associate, I can not post anything in the events calendar. I write novellas so I don’t qualify for anything.

The CWC publishes a list of member’s new books quarterly. Again, you have to be a professional member to be included.

A new award is being tested for the best crime novella (since 2012).  Yeah! Something I can enter. But wait. The novella has be  8-20k. Mine is a hair under 30k.  Too long for a novella, too short for a novel.  I’m stuck in the middle with CWC.

As an associate I can not take advantage of anything on the site. I can’t submit my book for consideration in my classification of novella writer either.  No matter which way you look at it, I’m screwed.

Maybe I won’t bother to renew my membership in 2016. What’s the point?

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Saint Patrick’s Day

Well, St Patrick’s day is upon us and pretty much everyone becomes Irish for the day. But . . .  did you know that Saint Patrick was NOT Irish? Supposedly he was captured by Irish pirates when he was around 16 and taken from his British home to become a slave in Ireland. According to the Confessio of Patrick (, he escaped six years later and made it back home.  He returned to Ireland after becoming a cleric.  Wonder whatever possessed him to do that? March 17th is said to be the date of his death. They say he is buried in Downpatrick, N. Ireland. I’ve been there (many many moons ago), didn’t look for the grave though. Don’t think I knew about it at the time.


Burial marker in Downpartrick.


Happy St Patrick’s Day

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