Snow Day

Well, mother nature is a little angry today.  I shovelled about a foot of snow from the driveway this morning around 6 a.m.  Fortunately it’s light and fluffy.  Started to head to work, but the roads are not good, so I came back home.  Now to decide what to do.  The options are:

1. work on book two of the Hodgins series

2. work on the genealogy a friend asked me to do – shouldn’t put this off too long as she is eldery and not in tip-top health

3. housework

I think number three automatically gets scratched off, except dishes. Maybe a bit of 1 and 2.  Have to watch Downton Abby first. 🙂




Filed under Genealogy, Mystery, Nanci Pattenden, Writing

2 responses to “Snow Day

  1. The genealogy work in the morning and Hodgins in the afternoon!

  2. Sounds a lot like my day. Except did not have to try and go to work.

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