Nothing to do with writing – My cat

Getting totally away from the writing thing, once again my cat’s diabetes has surfaced. Saturday he went back on insulin, twice a day. He has a strange cycle. He was diagnosed a few years ago in December. After about four months he went into remission. Then when December rolled around, it came back. He actually went on the insulin one day earlier than the previous year. After four months or so, back into remission. Then last November it started all over again. Not sure what it is about this time of year. He has yet to go through one complete bottle of insulin.

I think he might also have a touch of arthritis. They vet said after about eight or nine years of age it’s possible, and Sandy is 16. He’s getting pet steps for Christmas as he has trouble jumping onto the bed. There are probably people of there saying “Why do you let him on the bed?” I say why not.  People let their children crawl into bed with them, and he’s my baby.  imagesCA147E9E


1998                   VS               2011

sandy1 Sandy April 27 2011


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