Slow going with edits

I’ve been slowly working on the edits based on my editor’s suggestions.  I’m just over half way through.  In a few spots one or two sentences have become several paragraphs, which is a good thing as my book is only novella length, so added content is a good thing.  I seem to be guilty of “rushing” certain scenes.


With this weekend being a long weekend in Canada – Thanksgiving – I’ll have plenty of time to edit. Yeah, right. Also have to finish up two cemetery transcripts so I can hand them in for printing on Wednesday. And I have homework to do for my Professional Writing Certificate, specializing in Marketing and Public Relations. Week three started today. The first assignment is due Wednesday. Then there’s housework, and gardening (weather permiting). Also want to try to catch up on the 149 shows already on the DVR. Still have a couple of days of recordings to add to the list.  Got three whole days. Well, maybe 2-1/2 as I’ll be going to my mom’s for dinner on Monday.

I’m sure I’ll get something done, just not sure how much. imagesCA1L91Q7



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