Nearing the end of the first Detective Hodgins novella

Just finished typing up another chapter.  Have done two in the past couple of weeks.  Finally hit my original target of 20,000 words – 20,987. My new target is 100 pages. So far I’m at 86. I need to add a couple more chapters and break the current last one into two and draw it out more. I guess I need somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3,000 more words to finish version 3 of the novella. My chapters are not long – most 1000 – 1200 words, so a few chapters will do it. Over 100 pages is fine though. Then it’s off to Melissa for her editing service. Not sure if I’ll need another edit from someone specific to my genre – might not have time to find someone anyway. Mel is good though. 🙂

I need to get this done very soon so it will be ready for printing and e-version by early to mid October so I can have copies for Bookapalooza in November. I booked 1/2 table (Melissa has the other half) so I’d better have something other than advertising to put on it. 🙂



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Filed under Historical Fiction, Mystery, Nanci Pattenden, Writing

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