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I’ve been a little lax . . .

Haven’t been posting or tweeting – or writing for that matter. I have no excuse, just haven’t bothered.  NOT a good thing. I finally got the kick in the pants that I need. BOOKAPALOOZA 2014

On November 22, 2014 the Writers Circle of Durham Region is hosting an event for authors, publishers, agents, etc. According to their website, “in the midst of holiday excitement, residents of Durham Region and the GTA will descend upon Bookapalooza 2014.” What a great way to publicize a new book, or push an old one.

A friend of mine is also going. She will be able  to push her about-to-be-published book, as well as her website (she does editing, book review, tips, and such).  We can sell some books, or get new clients. Have some fun, meet new people. We plan to share a table, so we will be able to spot each other for breaks.

So, now I have to finish the 3rd draft of my novella, then get it edited and ready for publication. I’ve got 3 whole months. Plenty of time, right? I think I just may have to use some of my vacation time and keep the TV turned off.

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