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Body in the Harbour update

Detective Albert “Bertie” Hodgins didn’t get a chance to do his monthly update for April as he is busy with edits.  I thought I’d post on his behalf.

I had a quick chat with him the other day as he has been fairly quiet of late. He is feverishly working to complete revision 3 so he can have the first ‘professional’ edit done on it. He doesn’t have any particular target in mind, but his hoping to have it ready in a few weeks. 


He has asked me to put out cards announcing the up-coming publication when I attend the Ontario Writer’s Conference this coming Saturday. At the moment he still doesn’t have a publication date in mind, but is hoping for some time in June. He is debating which company to use for his printing.




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Editing Tip #31

Great tips from M.J. Moores of Infinite Pathways. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or long time writer, these tips are well worth remembering.

Editing Tip #31.

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Author Platforms & Portfolios

My friend and writing colleague, M.J. Moores,  has posted part one of an atricle about Author Platforms and Portfolios. Anyone serious about spreading the word about their writing should read it.  It’s intersting and very informative.

Author Platforms & Portfolios.



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Bloody Words put to rest

The announcement is out. The mystery conference that has been going on for 13 years is coming to an end.  Bloody Words, held in Toronto every even year, is coming to an end with the 2014 conference. It has traditionally been in another Canadian city in odd years. The 2012 was the first one I attended, and this year will unfortunately be the last.


It was nice to have a conference specifically for my genre. I do attend the Ontario Writers Conference every year – only missed the first one because I didn’t know about it. I might start attending CanWrite in Orillia next year to fill the void. It’s not genre specific and is very expensive, but I’ll check out the schedule each year and see what they are offering.


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