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Guest Blogger Detective Albert Hodgins, Retired

Good day everyone. I see our host introduced me last month. She has asked me to guest blog occasionally about my upcoming book, Body in the Harbour. It’s coming along nicely now, and is nearing completion. Just need to tidy it up somewhat. I’m trying my darndest to have it ready by late spring or early summer. I’m finding it rather fun writing about my old cases. Makes me feel a bit like Sherlock and Watson, all rolled up into one.

Speaking of Watson, my old collegue Barnes and his wife will be joining myself and Cordelia for tea. She wants to show off her garden, and I need to pick Barnes’ brain. Some of the details of the case are a little fuzzy, and since it was his first murder case, I’m quite certain he will remember the smallest of detail.

I wonder what ever became of those two lads who were unfortunately enough to discovered the young man that had washed up on shore that day? I imagine they had quite the tale to tell when school started up only a few days after. I’m sure they were the most popular boys in the school.

I’m not quite certain what I’m to put in these guest posts, and I don’t want to blather on about nothing. I’ll be back next month to update everyone on the progress of my very first book.

Have a very nice day and thanks for your interest in me.


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