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Back to writing

Got a little off track with my last post, so back to business. I’m in the midst of revising chapter four of my Detective Hodgins story. Took a little break and wrote a short story. Just have to fine tune it and figure out where to submit it. Have a few places in mind.

Need to get with the Twitter thing. Not much point having an account if I don’t use it. Will also have to get Detective Hodgins, retired, into the habit of posting too. 🙂

Lunch is almost over, so back to the drudgery.


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Snow update

This blog was supposed to be for writing, but I seem to be slipping sideways. 🙂

So far, I’ve sent two emails to the owner of Vero Property Management (Sunday), called the office three times today, and left two messages on his cell phone.  Still haven’t spoken to him.  Still don’t know if I will be able to get into my driveway tonight.  If the plow has been by today, then I’m guessing I won’t be able to get in. Definately won’t get out in the morning, and I don’t have the option of working from home.  Between this and all the payroll corrections from the holidays, today has been the day from hell.

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Vero Property Management sucks

OK, another winter, and another problem with Vero. My subdivision is a Condo Corp, so we have property management. We have no amenities, so we are basically paying for snow removal and landscaping. The landscaping is minimal as there is very little common area. We are also paying off a loan to repair a retaining wall, but the majority of the fee will be going towards snow removal. However, Vero does not empower the company (Carmichael) to remove the snow without permission from the all mighty Vero-God. As a result, my driveway is obstructed yet again as I live at a dead end and guess where most of the snow is pushed! It may not look that bad, but the road is not a two lane road, so there is no room to manoeuvre.

Jan 6 2014

So, I had to back out on an angle and back down the road. That was after I shovelled myself out because I got stuck on the road. I just got a new car a week ago. It was too dark to tell if I got any scratches. This happened several years ago, only worse. The snow was not removed for a week, and my car had at least three scratches on it. Vero did not acknowledge that. There better not be any hint of a mark on this car or they are paying for repairs.

Why do I have to go through this every winter????? Here’s last years photo: This is getting ridiculous.

Yesterday’s emails were not answered, so I will have to wait until their office opens and see if anyone answers the phone.

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Albert Hodgins Joins Twitter

policeDetective Albert Hodgins, retired, now has his own Twitter account. He will be tweeting occasionally to keep fans updated on the progress of his first novella – Body in the Harbour. He is still building a fan base, so please follow @AlbertHodgins and retweet him so he can build a fan base. 🙂

Albert, Bertie to family and friends, joined the Toronto Police in 1860 and retired in 1901. His wife Cordelia enjoyed hearing about his cases, and Bertie often bounced things off her. Initially he didn’t like her being involved in the seedier side of Toronto, but quickly realized her sharp mind actually helped him.

Their daughter Sara is married and has made them grandparents. When he is not fussing over the little ones, or working on his books, Bertie and Cordelia enjoy cruising in the their brand new 1903 Leroy.


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