Books/stories on the backburner

Sitting at home today waiting to get my car back from Honda.  Air bag recall. Today is a good day to start the edits on my novella, currently titled Body in the Harbour. So here I am, not editing. 🙂 Got a tweet today that reminded me of one of the stories I want to write. I’d like to find a body on the property of the National Historic Site in my hometown – Hillary House in Aurora, Ontario.  Possible title – Murder at the Manor. The Manor is the original name of the house.  The Hillary’s were the third and last owners before it was sold to the Aurora Historical Society.  The previous owners were Dr. Strange and Dr. Geike, making the house a strange, geeky house. Hillary was a doctor too, as was one son. What better place to put a dead body? It fits into the general period of my other stuff  too – the house celebrated it’s 150th birthday last year.

Hillary House n-e

I have about 8 or more other stories either started or just notes made. Time to stop blogging and get back to the edits.  😀


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